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About Meenakshi Marble

Meenakshi Marble is a company that bring creativity and technology together to carve exclusive Marble Temples and Marble Handicrafts in traditional designs of God and Goddess, Birds and Animals, and beautiful floral and geometrical patterns. Our skilled artisans and craftsmen helps us to revive the charm and era of art and culture, religion and beauty, and convention and technology to create the masterpiece of Marble, Temples, Carved Marble Temples, Marble Furniture, Marble Statues, Marble Fountain, Marble Inlay Handicrafts, Devotional Idols, Devotional Sculptures, Marble Tulsi Fort that is beautiful and peaceful. As a manufacturer, supplier and service provider, we have the capability to come up with variety of marble articles constructed using gray marble, white marble, black marble, red marble, and others.

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